Panoptic Design by Ryan Moeck :: Visualization. Storytelling. UX Design.

SivaSomaZero represents the intersection of visualization (Siva), storytelling (Soma), and UX design (Zero) for competent world building.

This is called panoptic design.


My name is Ryan Moeck and I am an award-winning designer and artist who excels at world building, or panoptic design. I see every project like a new world to be created and explored. What is new? What is familiar? What are the rules? What are the constraints?

For example...

While helping to create a new wearable mixed reality platform consisting of both OS and apps, I helped define the fundamental physics, metaphors, and interactions of the experience. I had to consider multiple input modalities, contexts, actions, and system requirements. I also led out in character, environment, and prop design as well as storyboards, color keys, and motion prototypes for VFX and interaction mechanics to define system-wide guidelines for many of the platform’s apps and core features.  

I helped design an online community to support underprivileged students in Africa throughout their education and well beyond. I designed a unique phrase-based onboarding system for this community that allowed the students to define their goals and access resources more easily than ever before. 

I helped a call center for a major airline not only improve their workflow and software user experience for coveted efficiency, but showed them the importance of human-centered design for all their future development.

Speaking of future development, I've worked on nearly two dozen “future of” projects to help companies strategically visualize where they want take their hardware and software products 5-10-20 years from now. I’ve helped show what it will take to get there through prototyping future tech experiences in various ways that engage both the mind and the eye.

I also led the art department of a well-funded Silicon Valley gaming startup defining the overall visual language of landscapes, architecture, VFX, and UI. I ensured a visually and interactively coherent world design and user experience to guide development teams.


In other words, I build worlds—designing how it both looks and works. 


I hold a master’s degree in industrial design from the University of Washington, where I focused on designing tools and experiences for personal navigation, and a BA in History from Brigham Young University. This, combined with my love of painting and drawing, as well as my extensive background in UX design at top-tier design firms, such as Artefact and IDEO, enables me to consider a full spectrum of design from the aesthetic to the functional.

Partial client list: 

Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Walmart, Mastercard, Eli Lilly, Alaska Airlines, VMWare, Bandai, Ubisoft, Toyota, Facebook and Amazon

I love to talk so please reach out